100% Pure Noni Juice (UK)

Noni Sourced from Tahiti

Our Noni Juice is USDA Certified Organic*

100% Pure Noni Juice from the UK
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30ml of noni juice per day (2 tablespoons of juice).

Unlike most other fruit, noni is not sweet tasting. If you prefer you can add a little naturally-sweet fruit juice (such as pure orange juice) to your noni. The taste of Noni will also change slightly between different harvests/batches, a sign that this is indeed a pure natural unadulterated product.

Q. Besides noni, are there any other ingredients ? A. No. None. Treasure Your Health 100% Pure Noni Juice is just as it says, 100% pure unadulterated juice extracted from noni fruit grown in Tahiti. There are no other ingredients, no other juices, no thickeners, no preservatives, no colouring, nothing artificial!

That this is the most common query highlights how most other noni juices on the market do contain other flavourings and additives.

Q. Where is Treasure Your Health noni grown ? A. Our Noni (Morinda Citrifolia) is sourced from the island of Tahiti in the South Pacific. The warm climate and nutrient rich soil guarantee nearly perfect conditions for noni plants to flourish.

Our Noni is processed and bottled in the United States of America. A second air-tight seal is placed under the lid to ensure optimal quality is maintained. The noni is then shipped to us in the UK.

Q. What does noni taste like ? A. Unlike most fruits, noni does not have a pleasant sweet taste. The exact taste will differ between different harvests, and even between different batches of the same harvest.

Many other manufacturers add juices, other sweeteners and additives (such as thickeners) to their Noni. This can of course hide a multitude of sins, as you cannot taste the noni.

If you cannot get used to the taste of noni after a few attempts, then simply add you own juice, such as orange juice. If the manufacturer has already added this juice then remember, (i) you are paying around £20 per litre for that other, much cheaper juice, and (ii) The taste of the noni is being masked, leaving you unable to determine anything about the quality of the noni juice.

*Q. Is Treasure Your Health noni juice organic ? A. Our noni juice is certified Organic (by the US Department of Agriculture) in the USA where it is processed and bottled. If our manufacturer attached a label to the bottle we would be able to sell and advertise it as organic in the UK. As we use our own label and have not yet requested UK Organic Certification we cannot advertise it as Organic when selling in the UK. We can however point out that the juice is certified organic by the USDA in the USA where it is bottled.