Acai Berry Powder 50g

Hand-Picked, Freeze-Dried

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packet of golden greens organic acai berry powder 50g
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Vegetarian Vegan Organic
50g PacketRe-sealable for Freshness
Hand Picked Freeze-Dried
Vitamins Minerals Anthocyanin Fibre
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Our 100% pure Acai Berry powder is certified organic by the UK Soil Association, your guarantee of quality.

To retain maximum nutrition our acai berries are hand picked, then freeze dried within 24 hours. Our acai berry powder is packed with vitamins, minerals, anthocyanin and fibre.

FACT: It takes 1 kilogram of acai berries to produce each 50g packet !

To maximise our increasing discount as you purchase more packets of Golden Greens Organic powders please use our Mix and Match page.

Product Specification
Key Nutrient:Organic Acai Berry
Form:Powder, Freeze-Dried (in a re-sealable packet to maintain freshness)
Quantity:50g (equivalent to 1 kilogram of freshly-picked acai berries)
Recommended Use:5g to 15g (1 - 3 teaspoons) per day
(Mix with water, juice or add to a smoothie)
Best Before Date:End of June 2022
Other Ingredients:None
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Suggested Smoothie Recipe
To make Organic Fruity Acai Smoothie blend together the following ingredients:

*Tip: If not using a blender this tip will ensure there are no lumps of acai berry powder in your smoothie - put the 2 teaspoons of acai berry powder into your bowl/jug first. Then add roughly the same amount of coconut water to the powder and use a spoon or fork to stir into a smooth paste. Then slowly add the remaining coconut water to the paste, stirring all the time to get a smooth liquid.

Nutritional Information
100g of Organic Acai Berry powder (1 serving = 5g - 15g) typically provides: