Organic Aronia Powder 100g

Anthocyanins, Freeze-Dried

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packet of golden greens organic aronia powder 100g
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100g Packet Re-sealable for Freshness
Flavonoids Anthocyanins Antioxidants
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Aronia berries are a deep purple colour, packed full with flavonoids, anthocyanins and antioxidants, as well as vitamins and minerals including Vitamins C and E and Iron, Zinc and Calcium. All these nutrients are sealed in by freeze-drying the berries immediately after harvesting.
Product Specification
Key Nutrient:Organic Aronia Berry
Form:Powder (in a re-sealable packet to maintain freshness)
Recommended Use:5g to 15g (1 - 3 teaspoons) per day
(Mix with water, plant milk, juice or add to a smoothie)
Best Before Date:End of July 2022
Other Ingredients:None
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Suggested Smoothie Recipe
To make Organic Fruity Aronia Berry Smoothie blend* together the following ingredients:

*Tip: If not using a blender this tip will ensure there are no lumps of aronia powder in your smoothie - put the teaspoon of aronia powder into your bowl/jug first. Then add roughly the same amount of coconut water and use a spoon or fork to stir into a smooth paste. Then slowly add the remaining coconut water to the paste, stirring all the time to get a smooth liquid.

Nutritional Information
100g of Organic Aronia powder (1 serving = 5g - 15g) typically provides: